50+Mentor and life coach

1st - Stop beating yourself up for what you don't know.

2nd - Ask for help

3rd - If you don't know what you want and can't figure out how to ask . . . I'm available. 

As odd as it sounds, many people have made it past their youth not knowing what they want to do or be. But, with adequate coaching and direction, that "thng" you can't figure out can be found, nurtured and promoted.


Clients I've worked with apologized profusely for not knowing how to use basic technology, social media and many things they were never exposed to. Well, depending on your generation and environment, much of that may have eluded you. There's no need to apologize. You just need respectful, patient guidance to help you through the layers.


If you raised your kids, cared for your home and put your dreams on the back burner - hoping for the right time to live your dream.That time is now! GET YOURS! But, don't go crazy trying to piecemeal it together. There's help. There's hope. 

Understanding Social Media

Social Media Techniques

Going Live

Building a FREE Website

Being Social Outside of Social Media

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