190 lbs (14/16)

7 1/2 shoe

As a little girl I had a very vibrant spirit in my life. I called her mom.  She was very creative and day dreamed brilliant colors. So, when I told her I wanted to be "in the TV" she didn't bat an eye.  She simply asked, "How do you plan to do that?"  My blank stare confirmed I needed guidance. Her strength, guidance and motivation allowed me to focus on studying my craft, honing my skills and successfully reaching my goal to be in the TV - commercials, voice over, television series, host and industrial ventures. 

2014 - 2018 I had a few speed bumps to get over. First, dental braces 2013 - 2015. And then, 2018, I was in a auto accident that side lined me for most of the year. 

Now, I'm back - #GrayHairDontCare - ready to make magic with these silver streaks and 50 pounds lost!

Check out my resume for details.


gail washington




The Campbell Agency

12404 Park Central Dr 

Dallas, TX 75251


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